AI integrated Layer 2 Blockchain Platform built on top of the Ethereum network

Prometheum.Prodigy aims to enhance scalability, transaction speed, and security within the Ethereum ecosystem while leveraging cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to ensure network safety and improve performance.

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Our tools and resources are designed to meet the needs of both experienced blockchain and defi experts, as well as new investors to the crypto industry.

Prodigy Stake

Our secure and dependable platform enables projects to offer attractive Annual Percentage Rates (APR) as rewards to their investors and holders.

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Prodigy Flip Mobile App

The Prodigy Flip crypto trading mobile app is set to revolutionize the way crypto currency traders invest in crypto. With its decentralized multi chain exchange, traders will have access to a secure platform where their assets are fully protected within Prodigy Flip’s defi wallet. Additionally, the app offers state-of-the-art AI analytic tools, enabling traders to make informed decisions. The inclusion of the Prodigy AI robotic algorithmic trading assistant bot further enhances the trading experience, providing users with valuable assistance and support. Experience the future of crypto trading with Prodigy Flip.

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Prodigy Chain

Prometheum.Prodigy is a Layer 2 blockchain platform built on top of the Ethereum network.

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Prodigy AI Integrations

With AI integration, smart contracts can be executed more intelligently, enabling advanced data analysis and optimization.

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Next-Generation AI Integrated Smart Bot Technology

AI Bot to assist in the buying, selling of tokens, as well as the ability to trade for you within the Prodigy Flip crypto mobile trading application.

Our Vision

Secure. Reliable. Innovative.

Prometheum.Prodigy is designed to address the limitations of the Ethereum network by providing a scalable, secure, and efficient Layer 2 solution. By utilizing Layer 2 scaling techniques, PMPY aims to reduce transaction costs and increase the Input of the Ethereum network.

Prometheum.Prodigy has been built with a modular architecture that combines an optimistic rollup protocol with an Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This allows PMPY to inherit security from Ethereum and offer cheaper and more accessible data availability.

Prometheum.Prodigy strives to be an innovative, secure, and reliable Layer 2 Ethereum solution. By combining Layer 2 scalability, cybersecurity, and AI technologies. PMPY aims to support various applications, use cases in the blockchain, and a fintech ecosystem.

Prometheum.Prodigy Layer 2 Tasks


Improves scalability with low transaction cost.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrates AI within its operations, supporting decision-making and efficient data analysis.


Offers a high level of cybersecurity with modern technology and robust encryptions.


Easily integrates with various blockchain networks, offering seamless interoperability.

AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing various aspects of PMPY.

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing various aspects of PMPY. AI technologies are used for threat detection, analyzing suspicious transaction behavior, and providing intelligent monitoring and network management.


Security is a fundamental aspect of Prometheum.

Advanced security mechanisms, encryption, and transaction validation are employed to ensure a high level of security for users and applications leveraging the platform.

Prometheum.Prodigy focuses on optimizing the performance and efficiency of smart contracts on the Ethereum network. With AI integration, smart contracts can be executed more intelligently, enabling advanced data analysis and optimization.


Prometheum Journeys

Penta Phase 5

We will reward the PMPY community by allocating an increase in reflections once these market cap goals are accomplished.

Once the market cap reaches 100 million, the reflections will increase to 4%

Once the market cap reaches 1 billion, the reflections will increase to 5%

Delta Phase 4

We are expanding intend to explant our ecosystem to the next level and increasing awareness of Prometheum.Prodigy.

Additional Partnerships

Launching Media

Coverage Campaigns

Mobile App

Prodigy Chain

Prodigy AI CyberSecurity

Prodigy Robotic Sniper

Gamma Phase 3

We aim to infuse our presence to achieve greater exposure.

Paid Marketing

Exchange Listings

Contract Audit Application

5K+ Holders

Media Engagements

Prodigy Stake

Beta Phase 2

Our main focus here is to attract more holders, raise awareness, and initiate Stage 1 utilities.

Dex Listing

CoinGecko Listing

CoinMarketcap Listing


1K+ Holders

Prodigy Flip Platform

Roles and justifications

compos mentis

Functions 1

Mindful of the lessons it learned from the past, Prodigy AI Robotic Sniper remembers positive and negative trading decisions and acts based on them. It can perceive patterns and store them in the compos mentis Functions for future resolutions.

compos mentis

Functions 2

Making conclusions like an expert trader requires conceptualize, reflective, and analytical functions.
Prodigy AI Robotic Sniper comprehends the trading fundamentals and can process any amount of data within seconds.

Compos mentis

Functions 3

It altered in real-time to acknowledge market conditions, gas prices, and buying pressure. Once data is collected by the compos mentis Functions 2, Prodigy AI Robotic Sniper will automatically make direct expert trades. Shares and profits collected by Prodigy AI will be allocated among Prometheum.Prodigy investors.


Total Supply

1B Tokens


2% Return to Holders

5% Development, Marketing, and Funding


Locked Liquidity

Decentralized exchanges available for purchasing